Complete Coaching Guide for Central Alberta

Phase I (Structural Component) 

This phase of the program is aimed at improving the organizational nature of coaching. Coaches will correspond with the Technical Director and provide session plans, journals and self - evaluation of the coaches own performance. The Technical Director will look to receive a seasonal plan from the coaches and a vision for their season.

Phase II (Feedback Phase) 

This portion of the program is aimed at improving the on field delivery of training sessions. Each coach will receive 4 feedback sessions with their own team to help improve the coaches methodology and delivery of training. Key areas to be highlighted is the methods the coaches use to deliver training, the identification and correction of key factors and the working relationship the coaches will be able to establish with their teams.
If you wish to become better as a coach then this is a good place to start.
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Yours Truly
David McCarthy
CASA Technical Director

The CASA (Central Alberta Soccer Association) mentorship program is aimed at improving the individual coach. Each coach's personal program will be tailored made by the Technical Director (TD) to suit the needs of the individual coach. Coaching is a life long journey and as coach ʼs we never cease to stop learning in the game. Much like the game itself that is forever changing and evolving we as coaches must always be looking to improve if we are to give our players the most positive experience possible.

This program will provide coaches with the structure needed to help facilitate the best program possible. It will also provide coaches the opportunity to receive honest feedback on their own personal performance which will allow them the opportunity to become better coaches. The aim of the program is to improve coaches but also to assist them in attaining a higher certification if desired.

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