Mini Program Curriculum

Welcome to the CASA Mini Technical Program!

In this section you will find a complete program for you to run with your teams. You can use this program in part or as a whole entity. The training for these three age groups should be all be about improving every single player with the ball. All of the activities here are meant to allow players as much time on the ball as possible. Each session is split into four main parts:

Physical Literacy

The objective behind incorporating physical literacy in your program is to allow players the opportunity to move through jumping, hopping, skipping etc... and this can be specific or non-specific soccer movements. 

Technical Skill

The objective and backbone of any program is the technical piece. This is the ability to allow players to improve their how we do the skills.  The how we pass, shoot, dribble, defend, etc...


Each session will feature a variety of fun activities that allow the player to get more comfortable with the ball. This will allow the players to get the repetition with the ball while doing so in a fun, creative and open way to allow them to express themselves through play


Each Session should end with a game.  Aim is to allow players for a portion of the end game an opportunity to not be coached and to exprees themselves through free play

Weekly Training Sessions

Complete Coaching Guide for Central Alberta